About ISI

Established in 1885, the International Statistical Institute (ISI) is one of the oldest scientific associations operating in the modern world. Its success can be attributed to the worldwide demand for professional statistical information, its leadership in the development of statistical profession, and in the collective dedication of its members.

Its influence can be seen in the improvements in information and analysis throughout the economic, social, biological and industrial sectors. Its industrial influence is evidenced in advance statistical practices, resulting in improved quality assurance. The ISI is also proud of its continuing support of statistical progress in the developing world. To improve outreach, the ISI has established regional networks with the objective of providing platforms for statistical community to share information and be more engaged in the ISI activities. To date, there are five regional networks, representing the South East Asia, Central Eurasia, East Asia, Latin America and Arab Regions.

The institute’s activities are funded by the membership’s contributions and grants from inter-governmental organizations, governments, local authorities, foundations, private businesses and others. The ISI is composed of more than 2,000 elected members who are internationally recognized as the definitive leaders in the field of statistics. Its membership crosses all borders, and is drawn from over 130 countries. This reservoir of expertise is supplemented by approximately 3,000 additional individual members of the Institute’s Specialized Associations.

About ISI SEA Regional Network

The ISI-SEA Regional Network is established by the International Statistical Institute (ISI) with the objective of providing a platform for statistical community in the SEA region to share information; promote the understanding, development and good practice of statistics; and be more engaged in the ISI activities. The ISI-SEA Outreach Committee has been established to plan, implement and manage all activities and initiatives of the ISI-SEA Regional Network.


Specifically, the Network aims to improve outreach in the region by:

  1. Providing the statistical community in the region (I) a platform to share information and promote statistics within SEA countries; (II) a forum to communicate and network with the global statistical community; and (III) a channel to become engaged in the activities of the ISI.

  2. Working closely with national statistical organizations and other parties of interest in statistics to develop regional activities in areas such as developing statistical education, sharing of best statistical practices, and simulating regional collaborations in research and development. Related activities include organizing capacity-building workshops, monitoring, webinars and short courses. The ISI has considerable knowledge, experience and interest in these activities.

Member Countries

The Countries in the Network are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. This region represents about 9% of the world’s population. The Countries in the grouping are not only at different stages of economic development, they are also at different levels of development in the field of statistics. Through the Network, these countries can come together to support the growth of statistical activities in the region.


The ISI-SEA Outreach Committee coordinates the activities, initiatives and communication within the Network. The following have agreed to serve on the Committe.

  1. Toh Hock Chai, Malaysia (Chairperson)
  2. Anupap Somboonsavatdee, Thailand
  3. Fah-Fatt Fan, Singapore
  4. Hizir Sofyan, Indonesia
  5. Khairil Anwar Notodiputro, Indonesia
  6. Kim Net, Cambodia
  7. Lourdes Homecillo, Philippines
  8. Sanjay Chaudhuri, Singapore
  9. Thi Thanh Loan Le, Vietnam
  10. Tomas Africa, Philippines
  11. Bee-Wah Yap, Malaysia

Network Activities

I. Growing Membership

II. Contribution to Country Activities

III. Sharing of Information

IV. Current Activities